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Gal Twig
Business support and consulting
in the field of vegetables, fruits
and dried fruits
in Israel


Retailers, farmers, packing houses, entrepreneurs

What does your business need?

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Suppliers, markets, analysis of times and possible products, market players and growth potential

Financial services

Business support, grants, credit frameworks,   financing companies, etc.


Analysis of needs and trends in Israel and the world, locating varieties and companies for the process, harnessing farmers and retailers for the pilot, choosing packaging, building sales forecasts and full pricing of the product


Full executive management support, establishing budget controls, analyses, presentations, sales and profitability, branding, marketing and advertising.

Inventory and depreciation

Depreciation reduction and treatment of food loss. Creative solutions for poor produce, treatment of the value chain to extend shelf life, definition of inventory days, treatment of the value chain in the agricultural, wholesale and retail segment

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